“Does acupuncture work?” is a common question that’s asked by many people.
It is the key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and has many benefits.

We insert only 2-6 needles by using high-quality and sterile needles to provide the best possible patient experience. All needles are disposable and used only once. Various sensations can arise from needling but we insist on using pain-free needling techniques. Most people think that they should have some sensations when needles are inserted into a body, But we will show that the treatment still can be very effective even without feeling pain or sensations during a treatment session. Once the needles are placed, they will remain for around 30 minutes before being removed. After removing needles from the body, we will check on the patient to ensure their condition.

We have our own unique diagnostic methods which are: Sa-am needling technique in acupuncture, along with cupping, moxa, tuina, herbal medicine, and pattern tongue diagnosis to give the best results for our patients.
1. Needles are placed on the opposite side of where the pain or the pathological disorders are.
2. Needles are placed only below the knee and below the elbow.
3. Number of needles used ranges as few as two to a maximum of six for each treatment.
4. Needles are retained for no longer than half an hour.

We diagnose the abdomen on a patient’s first visit to check where the pathological disorders are.
Our diagnostic method is very unique and a patient will be informed what to expect during examination.
We observe the abdomen area and press special meridian points that are located on the abdomen.
While observation proceeds, both male and female TCM practitioners will be attending all the time to ease the patient and minimize any discomfort feelings that can arise during the treatment.

Please be prepared for these steps on your mind, so we can provide the best treatment that suits for your condition or illness.

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