Still have questions?

I was in a car accident and would like to get acupuncture treatments to address the pain. Do I need to get ICBC approval or a doctor’s referral before coming to Han's Clinic?

No. Just bring your ICBC claim number. You’re entitled to 12 treatment sessions within 12 weeks of the accident without any prior approval or doctor’s referral.

What if I require more than 12 sessions to treat my injuries?

If you need more than 12 sessions to fully treat your injuries, we can request ICBC to extend the coverage for more sessions.

How much does the ICBC acupuncture sessions cost?

The ICBC rate for the initial 12 sessions is $105/session. The ICBC rate for any approved follow-on treatments is $88/session. Han’s clinic has made the decision to perform ICBC treatments (both the initial 12 sessions and any additional sessions ICBC deems appropriate) according to the ICBC rates. The decision means that patients will not need to pay the difference between the amount that ICBC covers and our standard rates. For reference, our standard charge for an initial session to address pain is $130, and $110/session for subsequent sessions.

Will I be billed for the treatment sessions?

No, Han’s clinic will direct bill ICBC for the initial 12 sessions and any pre-approved subsequent sessions. You will not be charged for treatments covered by ICBC (direct billing is only for the first 12 sessions).

What is involved in the treatments?

Treatments will involve a combination of acupuncture and cupping and/or warm stone massage. If herbal medicine is required, coverage includes up to 3 days of herbal medicine. Extra charges will apply to herbal medicine beyond this period. This will be the case if, for example, the MVA causes or exacerbates constipation that takes longer to treat.

Is it safe to concurrently undergo physiotherapy, chiropractic treatments and/or massage therapy along with acupuncture?

Yes, it is safe! In fact, combining effective therapies can enhance the rate of the recovery. However, I recommend undergoing only one treatment on any given day.

How long will the treatment period last?

It is important that acupuncture treatment take place consistently twice a week for best results. The length of the treatment period will depend on the nature and severity of the injury, symptoms being treated, and the overall health of the patient. We will explain the course of treatment to patients as we treat the injury and the rate of recovery becomes more clear.

A while after the accident, I lost my appetite, had problems sleeping and developed a panic disorder. Could these be the result of the MVA? Can acupuncture help with these problems?

It is possible that these symptoms were caused by an MVA, even if they didn’t manifest in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Physical trauma can result in autonomic nervous disorders, often signified by symptoms such as anorexia, insomnia, and panic disorder. Acupuncture can treat these psychological symptoms along with your physical pain.

My young child was in the vehicle at the time of the accident, and he is terrified of needles. Can you help him?

Yes. Our first approach with children is to use acupressure and warm stone massage, rather than acupuncture. Where acupuncture is needed, we work only with the very thinnest of needles and reduce the number of them to the bare minimum required.