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Cold/Flu Prevention

Cold/flu is a common virus that many people encounters but it is easily preventable. We only contract the cold/flu when our body’s immunity system weakens and the virus invades our body.

Therefore, if we keep our body’s immunity system constantly healthy, we don’t have to worry about catching viruses. Here at Han’s Clinic, through our common cold/flu preventative treatment, we can boost the immunity system of our patients; thus, protecting them from contracting airborne viruses.

Gong Jin Dan

Gong Jin Dan is a herbal medicine ball that helps with many diverse body conditions. The consumption of herbal medicine ball (Gong Jin Dan) is most effective when taken in at an empty stomach so it can be directly digested to have a long-lasting effect within the body. Thorough chewing is recommended, but for best results, allow the herbal medicine ball to melt in your mouth. It’s best recommended to take 1 to 2 balls per day for the best results. Effectiveness yield results such as: boosted immunity system, improved cognitive function, and overall improved health. From recovery from menopause to an overall improvement to stamina, results can be seen within 3 months of consumption.

Herbal Medicine

Western medicine has no methods of preserving one’s health; however, Eastern medicine has a lot of preventative practices such as herbal medicine. Western scientists have conducted a research on herbal medicine and confirmed that it is extremely beneficial to one’s body in a natural way. The best medicine for any cold/flu is preventing oneself from contracting it from the first place. At Hans’ clinic, we use tongue pattern diagnosis to determine the best preventative treatment for our patients. Patients can “feel” the change in their body while going through the treatment, as well as “witness” their tongue transform into a healthier state.

Child’s Growth Period

During a child’s growth of period, it is important to get the nutrition they need in order to grow healthy and strong. However, in modern-day it is prevalent that there are a lot of unhealthy food children tend to favor such as: fast food and extremely high sugar sweets. These unhealthy food factors affect the development of children and their growth. At Han’s clinic, we consult, diagnose, and treat children during their stages of development. Factors that help boost their overall health functions are: digestion, growth, hormonal balance, lifestyle.

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