Tongue Diagnosis

Each section of the tongue corresponds to the different organs and the spine. The tongue is the most sensitive organ which acts as the main pathway for all blood vessels in the body and is one of the most accurate ways to diagnose the condition of the patient. Tongue reading is most effective for preventative treatment patients.


“Does acupuncture work?” is a common question that’s asked by many people. It is the key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and has many benefits. We insert only 2-6 needles by using high-quality and sterile needles to provide the best possible patient experience. All needles are disposable and used only once. Various sensations can arise from needling but we insist on using pain-free needling techniques. Most people think that they should have some sensations when needles are inserted into a body, But we will show that the treatment still can be very effective even without feeling pain or sensations during a treatment session. Once the needles are placed, they will remain for around 30 minutes before being removed. After removing needles from the body, we will check on the patient to ensure their condition.

We have our own unique diagnostic methods which are: Sa-am needling technique in acupuncture, along with cupping, moxa, tuina, herbal medicine, and pattern tongue diagnosis to give the best results for our patients.

1. Needles are placed on the opposite side of where the pain or the pathological disorders are.
2. Needles are placed only below the knee and below the elbow.
3. Number of needles used ranges as few as two to a maximum of six for each treatment.
4. Needles are retained for no longer than half an hour.

We diagnose the abdomen on a patient’s first visit to check where the pathological disorders are. Our diagnostic method is very unique and a patient will be informed what to expect during examination. We observe the abdomen area and press special meridian points that are located on the abdomen. While observation proceeds, both male and female TCM practitioners will be attending all the time to ease the patient and minimize any discomfort feelings that can arise during the treatment.

Herbal Medicine

We use many natural herbs to make a decoction for therapeutic purposes. Herbal remedies a part of oriental medicine that uses medicinal plants and natural protocols to prevent or treat diseases which ultimately helps patients to maintain optimal health and well-being.

Traditional Eastern Medicine (TEM ) has been around for over 3,000 years and is as ancient as the practice of acupuncture in China. These days, the adverse effects of conventional medicines are reported at a high rate. 

For example, people die from opioid drugs and many of these overdoses are from prescription opioid medicine. As the opioid crisis grows, alternative medicine such as herbal medicines has increasingly gained popularity in Western countries and is considered as one of the new promising drugs. One systematic study has proved that herbal medicine has been widely used to improve Opioid-Induced Constipation, which is a symptom that is commonly encountered in cancer pain management.

Formulas of these herbal medicines are specific combinations from over 500 individual premium herbs, minerals, and in some cases, animal products. The herbal formula has made a great contribution to the well-being and public illness including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Herbal natural remedies are known to be effective in enhancing recuperative power and immunity, leading to a healthy lifestyle and state of mind.

A thorough diagnosis of considering the patient’s present and past complaints, work & living habits, physical environment, family health history, and emotional life, we will analyze the disharmonies in an individual’s body. With a diagnosis, we will develop an intricate natural remedy prescription to restore a delicate internal equilibrium.

Pain Treatment

Acupuncture and herbal medicine do not only treat to handle pain but to address the problem at the core. After fixing the root of the problem, the pain will naturally go away, in the recovery of the patient. The use of acupuncture and herbal medicine is extremely effective in handling acute and chronic pain including back pain, knee pain, and other sever pain one may suffer from.

Musculoskeletal Disorders are pain that affects the muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, nerves, and structures that support limbs, neck, and back. The disorder can be caused by various reasons such as wear and tear of daily activities, repeated exposure to awkward posture, fractures, and sprains. Symptoms vary from person to person, but commons symptoms that are known are pain, fatigue, restricted mobility, and sleep disturbances. MSDs are not just common conditions of older age but they are prevalent across the life-course. A study has shown that MSDs are so common that between one in five people live with a painful and disabling musculoskeletal condition. Examples of MSDs include frozen shoulder, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel, and tendinitis.

Post-Cancer Treatment Patient

Even though treatment for cancer is improving on a daily basis, not many efforts are going towards treating patients with severe side effects from the harsh effects of chemotherapy and such. This is because Western medicine treats only in removing cancer but does not consider the harsh aftermath of the treatment. Post-cancer treatment patients all suffer from: Malaise, diarrhea, constipation, poor appetite, abdominal distension, fever, feeling of cold, insomnia, loss of taste, body ache, stomatitis, nausea, edema, due to the side effect of chemotherapy.

Through the effective application of acupuncture and herbal medicine, we can alleviate and treat the side effects of these patients. By using natural treatments of boosting the patients’ body’s ability to heal and strengthen itself, our treatment promotes a healthier and better quality of life.

Integrative Oncology

Integrative Oncology is a whole-body therapy that aims to improve quality of a patient’s life by enhancing the effectiveness and response rate of conventional cancer treatments with less side-effects. Through a multi-disciplinary approach combined with oriental, functional, nutrition, and mind-body medicine, integrative oncology is an adjunct to standard medical care such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Integrative oncology has already been widely used in few countries including the United States, Germany, and Japan for years and numerous studies and clinical research have been published.

However, the reality is that even though cancer patients are interested in accessing Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapy, they only get vague advice and restriction from their doctors, which leads them to listen and follow advice from people who lack medical knowledge.

It is common to get confused between Integrative Oncology and CAM. Integrative Oncology is parallel with modern medicine which is evidence-based, since it’s a combination of both conventional medicine and alternative medicine. However, it does not embrace all alternative medicine treatments, but only embrace evidence-based treatments that have been shown to be safe and effective.


Cupping provides tension relief for sore and achy muscles by promoting the circulation of qi and blood flow to targeted areas. It consists of removing the air from the plastic cups and placing them on the skin to create a suction effect.

The suction method is a great tool to eliminate a small amount of toxic blood and help improve blood circulation. Cupping therapy is a great treatment to promote healing and relaxation throughout the body. 

Cupping can leave bruise-like circular marks on the skin which will disappear in less than a week.

From lesser reaction to severe, the colors of the marks are various from light pink to red to purple and to dark blackish red. The very first cupping method used in human history traces back to the prehistoric age, as seen in ancient murals. The Indians and the African Indians administered it amongst themselves but used an ox horn instead of a cup.


Moxibustion applies heat on the targeted area by putting burning moxa stick on specific acupuncture points. When the moxa stick burns, it provides a better blood flow and warmth on those points to increase the healing process.

Moxibustion is a warming technique used on specific acupuncture points that involve the burning of mugwort, a small, spongy herb to facilitate healing. Moxibustion therapy has been used throughout Asia for thousands of years.

It improves circulation to relieve pain, boosts energy, treats digestive problems, disperses cold, and is used to warm the uterus to treat some types of infertility. It is known that the heat generated during moxibustion helps increase the flow of vital energy throughout the body via certain pathways. When combined with acupuncture treatment, moxibustion can greatly enhance the results of treatment.


Tui-na combines soft-tissue massage, acupressure, and other manipulation techniques that address a disharmony between musculoskeletal and ligamentous relationships. Tui-na massage is not used for relaxation but rather works as a treatment to stimulate muscles for a better flow in meridian and optimize the health of the patient.

Tui-na is a form of Chinese soft-tissue message therapy using hands-on body treatment that stimulates muscles for a better flow in meridian and, optimizes the health of the patient.

It is frequently used in the treatment of superficial trauma or injury and a wide variety of musculoskeletal pain. Literally translated as ‘pinch and pull’, the treatment addresses specific areas of concern and it includes acupressure, where practitioners use finger pressure instead of needles to stimulate the acupuncture points. Aside from easing pain in the limbs and joints, tui na can also help to alleviate stress-related conditions, like insomnia, premenstrual syndrome, and digestive issues.

Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture is traditional Chinese cosmetic acupuncture that has been practiced over thousands of year from Sung Dynasty(960-1270) in China.Facial acupuncture inserts hair-thin and disposable acupuncture needles in specific locations (energy channels or meridians) on the face.
– It stimulates your lymphatic and circulatory system, which provides your skin cells with nutrients and oxygen.
– It produces collagen and elastin in your internal body.
– It makes your face improve elasticity and minimize wrinkles and fine lines naturally.
– Finally, it not only helps your face look younger, smoother, and all-round healthier but also optimizes your internal health simultaneously.

Why is facial acupuncture an EXCELLENT ALTERNATIVE for you?

1. It stimulates collagen, gets brightened skin tone, reduces jaw tension and wrinkles, and softens appearance overall.
2. It gives you clear complexion and skin’s glow.
3. It helps your dullness, headache, and discomfort or another health problem.
4. The recovery is so fast and you can get back to work or home immediately.
* Each individual will respond differently to the treatment depending on his or her condition and lifestyle.

How does it cost?
We recommend 10 treatments once or twice a week (maximum 3 times a week) to see optimized results. If you want to maintain treatments, you get the treatment every four to eight weeks. Facial acupuncture creates long-term changes in your health of the skin and body.It takes about 60~90 minutes.

What is it Side effects?
It has no side effects. It is Only bruising for some people.

Who SHOULD avoid facial acupuncture?
– Bleeding or bruising disorders
– Uncontrolled type 2 diabetes
– Some pituitary disorders
– Heart disorders
– High blood pressure
– Migraine headaches
– Individuals who have a pacemaker
– During pregnancy, a bout with a cold or flu, an allergic attack or an acute herpes outbreak

Han’s clinic evaluates your whole body and mind, and then starts facial treatment and body treatment. It results in improving overall health for you.

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