In modern society, many parents have increasing worries and concerns about their children who have tics, autism, ADHD or growth disorders.

However, due to growing concern over the side effects of the long-term use of such stimulant medications in the early 21st century, parents are opting for other solutions including acupuncture therapy and herbal medicine.

Autism by Western medical treatment does not apply to Eastern medicine. Instead, it is classified under the Syndrome of 5 delays; delay of standing, walking, hair growth, teeth eruption, and speech.

This type of brain dysfunction in children is defined as an imbalance of body functions in Eastern medicine. Unlike Western medicine, which rates the brain the most important factor of the human physique, we see the body and mind as part of the same circular system with the organs and the central nervous system.

The influence of the organ is the key to understand the condition of the body to achieve balance and the same mechanism corresponds to tics. Since there is no proof that neurological deficiencies cause tics, instead of focusing on chemical imbalances and deficits in the brain as probable causes, we focus more on the possible imbalances of the spirit and how it relates to the whole individual.

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