Western medicine treats ‘disease’, but oriental medicine cures ‘the body’ (lymph cancer)

Western medicine treats ‘disease’, but oriental medicine cures ‘the body’ (lymph cancer)

This is a case of treatment for after-effect that occurred in the process of radiation treatment for lymph cancer which began 5 years ago and then spread to the breast. This patient is a 63-year-old woman who is currently receiving regular cancer screenings once every 6 months. The biggest discomfort she complained of was hematuria that had persisted for 2 years. Hematuria started after radiation treatment, and she got a thorough examination of the kidneys and bladder, MRI, biopsy, and blood tests, but couldn’t find the cause. She had suffered from psychological anxiety and fear that the cancer might have metastasized.

When the patient first visited the Han’s Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic, I examined her condition through tongue diagnosis and noticed that there were insomnia, indigestion, reflux esophagitis, anxiety, throat irritation, phlegm, etc. Then, I informed the patient that these symptoms are more urgent than hematuria, and started treatment for them, postponing the treatment for hematuria.

After taking herbal medicine for 12 days and 2 acupuncture needles, the patient’s sleep, digestion, anxiety, and reflux esophagitis started to improve. The biggest change was that as her sleep improved, anxiety naturally improved along with it. After taking the herbal medicine once more for 12 days, sleep and the symptoms of reflux esophagitis improved by about 90%. After taking the second herbal medicine, the most surprising thing was that the symptoms of hematuria, which the patient was most worried about, disappeared, so there was no need to change to the medication for hematuria.

After taking the herbal medicine continuously for 5 months, not only did the main symptoms improve, but also she lost weight, got better complexion, and her energy and tiredness improved a lot. Also, regular blood tests showed much impovement than before taking the herbal medicine. Hematuria has not appeared since taking the second herbal medicine.

As such, although herbal medicine can also treat a single condition, it is a comprehensive treatment that can naturally treat the hardest symptoms altogether while it looks over the patient’s overall condition and treats comprehensively. Western medicine treats one disease, but Oriental medicine treats the whole body.

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