Case 2: Left Knee Arthritis

2019-03-22 11:22
Han's Acupuncture July 19, 2018

This case is about a patient who had post-traumatic arthritis which developed following an injury to the knee when he was young. As arthritis can occur years after a torn meniscus, ligament injury, or knee fracture, this patient also suffered for a long period of time due to his job position and working style. With his injury of knee at work, soreness and limited ROM of knee bothered him ever since. His first visit was in June, 2016 and knee was healed after 13 treatments in two months. He re-visited our clinic in Feb, 2017 for his knee pain again. His main complaint was about left knee pain that aggravated with extension and flexion position. We chose points from liver and spleen meridians and treated him with acupuncture. After 20 treatments, his knee pain was almost gone. Now, this patient wants to get a routine treatment every once a week to keep it up.

Testimonial: I decided to try acupuncture with some hesitation, but I didn't want to have more pills to manage my knee pain. Very quickly I found there was nothing to worry about and the results after a few visits were pleasantly successful and my knee pain decreased rapidly. I am happy with him and his procedures and will use his services in the future.