Case 1: Atopic Dermatitis

2019-03-22 11:14

Han's Acupuncture July 12, 2018

Main complaints: Atopic dermatitis with constipation that bothered her whole life. Her symptoms got worse when her period starts or with stress or bad diet.

Treatment period: One year

Treatment used:
In order to give her fast relief for intense itchiness, we gave herbal medicines on her first visit (8 intakes, each intake consists of 30 pouches for 10 days for the whole treatment). On her second visit, we figured out that her itchiness got better and then, we started our acupuncture treatment. We picked points from small intestine and large intestine meridians to needle and kept treatments for 3~4 times/month regularly. We focused on treating a problem like constipation along with atopic dermatitis and, also gave her dietary advice. After almost one year, all of her main complaints were gone such as red, swollen pus with intense itchiness, and constipation. We checked on her last month and, she was in good health with healthy looking skin.
*Results may vary from person to person