Case 17: Elbow Pain

2019-04-03 11:24
Han’s Acupuncture January 17, 2019

Male 52 years old

Main complaint:
– Pain in elbow and shoulder

Treatment period: From March 13th, 2018 until March 30th, 2018

Treatment used:
This patient came in and said that his right elbow was dislocated a few years ago and since then he was unable to fully strengthen his arm. At the same time, he also had pain in his both shoulders. However, he was surprised how the pain in the elbow was gone after only one treatment. After the second visit, he tried to play tennis and noticed that his arm was not as uncomfortable as it was before when he swung tennis racket. After every session, his pain levels decreased dramatically and on his third visit, the pain in the elbow and shoulder was 80% gone and the pain was completely gone after the last treatment session.
*Results may vary from person to person



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