Case 14: Arthritis

2019-04-03 11:22
Han's Acupuncture December 27, 2018

Female, 69 years old

Main complaint:
- Knee and back pain
- Sleeping Problem

Treatment period: From Aug 27th, 2018 until Nov.16th, 2018

Treatment used:
The patient had a surgery on her right knee a few years ago and she complained that the right knee had been in pain with burning sensations. As well, her lower back was in pain. Also, she often had sleeping problems with ingestion. After three acupuncture treatments, herbal medications were prescribed for a better treatment process. On her fourth visit, she stated that after taking herbal medications, the pain was gone slightly and she started to sleep well. After a month, a second set of medications were given and the knee pain significantly improved with a better sleep quality and digestion. After four more acupuncture treatments, her pain was almost completely gone with a relieved burning sensation in the right knee.