Case 10: Excessive sweating and anxiety disorder

2019-04-03 11:18
Han's Acupuncture September 20, 2018

Male, 19 years old

Main complaint:
- Excessive sweating with nervousness
- Anxiety disorder
- Sleep disturbances

Treatment period: From Feb 05, 2018 until Aug 30, 2018

Treatment used:
This patient suffered from several symptoms of an anxiety disorder. In general, he had experiencing a faster heartbeat and constant sweating on his hands and feet. Also, he usually woke up in the middle of the night and had a difficulty falling asleep due to troubling feelings and uneasiness. He often felt agitated and really uncomfortable when he was in crowded places such as public transportation or surrounded by many people. His hands and feet became even sweatier in those circumstances. He was afraid others will notice him sweating and judge him, which made him sweat even more. One time, he stated that he even had to get off the train or bus for a minute to calm himself down. Acupuncture treatment was applied once a week and herbal medicines were also prescribed throughout the whole treatment period. After taking the first three packages of medicine, he could notice that his sleep quality greatly improved. By the end of July, he stated that he no longer woke up at night and the excess sweating decreased significantly. He is not afraid of being in public spaces anymore and no longer feels nervous in crowed places.