Case 5: Frequent diarrhea

2019-04-03 10:40
Han’s Acupuncture August 9, 2018

Case 5: Frequent diarrhea after surgery of colorectal cancer

Female, 63 yrs old

Medical history:
diabetes, hypertension, hyper-cholesterolemia, colon cancer

Main complaint:
Left hip pain related to piriformis muscle
Frequent diarrhea happening more than 20 times per day after surgery of a colon cancer.

Treatment period: Apr, 25 2017~ Jun, 21 2017

Treatment used:
12 acupuncture sessions and, 2 different types of herbal medicine prescribed for 3 times during treatment period.For hip pain, we chose two acu-points from GB meridian, two points from SJ meridian and treated a patient for 4 times. The hip pain was gone after 4 treatments and we continued different acupuncture treatment for frequent diarrhea that bothered her after rectum removal due to colorectal cancer. For that, we chose 2 acu-points from PC meridian, 1 pt from HT meridian, 1 pt from LV, 1 pt from ST meridian, and 1 pt from LI meridian. After 4 sessions, her bowel movement was less frequent and a bit formed. With 4 more sessions, her bowel movement was happening 7 times per day and formed.
Now, she is having her bowel movement 3-4 times per day only and, she is very happy with her results.



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