How to keep colds at bay

2019-10-28 16:23
During the change of seasons, prevention is the best medicine!

Colds and immunity are inversely proportional.

Why don’t you prepare an emergency medicine for Ssanghwa-tang(herb tonic tea) that all family can have together this winter? Dong-Byung-Ha-Chi, which means treating winter diseases in summer, is an oriental medicine treatment method that prevents respiratory diseases such as colds, rhinitis and asthma that are easily adversely affected in winter by strenthening immunity in the summer. The summer has already passed and the autumn approaches with a cool breeze, but it’s not too late to develop your immunity. Get through this winter withoud Colds.

How to ward off colds in early stage!

In early stage, it’s best to warm yourself and eat warm broth to sweat lightly.

For chills, mild fever, and mild pain

A piece of ginger(a loonie size), 2 pieces of cinnamon(a little bite size), 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey or brown sugar, and 1 slice of lemon, then simmered like a tea. This can help with early symptoms of colds. Cinnamon and ginger, in particular, have antiviral ingredient that help fight against cold viruses.

For a sore or itchy throat

It is helpful to dissolve either bay salt or bamboo salt in lukewarm water and gargle.



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