Case 9: Migraine Headaches

2019-04-03 11:16
Han’s Acupuncture September 13, 2018

Female, 39 years old

Main complaint:
Migraine Headaches

Treatment period: From Feb. 19, 2018 until July 24, 2018

Treatment used:
This patient suffered from chronic migraine headaches over the past 20 years and she woke up with severe headaches that occurred 4~5 days/week. A CT and a MRI did not help diagnose her headache and its causes. The only thing she could do was to take painkillers which did not effectively relieve migraine pain, but led to side effects such as vomiting. Her pain was treated mainly with herbal medicines instead of acupuncture treatments. She took herbal medicine regularly and after a first package of medicine, her pain greatly reduced that she did not need to take painkillers. Since then, herbal medicines were prescribed for another 4 months and she reported improvements in the frequency and intensity of migraines. By the end of June, her headache only occurred once in every two weeks, which is a great improvement.



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