Case 8: Hypertension, Reflux esophagitis, Insomnia & Anxiety

2019-04-03 11:12
Han’s Acupuncture September 6, 2018

Male, 40 years old

Main complaint:
– Hypertension
– Insomnia & Anxiety
– Reflux esophagitis

Treatment period: From March 03, 2018 until June 09, 2018

Treatment used:
He suffered from severe insomnia with anxiety as well as reflux esophagitis for no reasons for a long time. When he first came to the clinic, his blood pressure was extremely high with 171/106. He tried medications for hypertension but it did not really work and only led to side effects. Herbal medicine was prescribed for 3 months as well as acupuncture treatments were practiced for 4 times/month. After two months of treatment, his blood pressure got lowered to 138/80 on May 5th. Also, he stated that the treatment significantly improved his sleep quality. By the end of the treatments, he no longer had sleep problems and felt refreshed in the mornings with great improvement on his other symptoms such as reflux esophagitis.
When it comes to traditional medicine, symptoms are addressed with drugs or surgery. If your liver is giving you trouble, it’s your liver that becomes the focus, not the entire body. On the other hand, herbal medicine focuses on cause and prevention and overall health and it might work better for some individuals and lead to significant improvements like the patient stated above.



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