Han’s Acupuncture and Herbs Clinic’s treatment is
“let our body heal itself to homeostasis.” In current western medicine, even after surgery and treatment, if the body is not strong enough, detrimental side effects will cause more harm to the body.
At our clinic, we diagnose and treat each patient in an individualistic approach so no treatment will be the same. We also help those who wish to prevent themselves from the flu or the common cold by using preventative treatments that will keep your body healthy and keeping it at homeostasis.

At our clinic, we use unique approaches to help patients. First, we use the tongue diagnosis method which helps greatly with the diagnosis of the illness. Second, use the least amount of acupuncture needles but effectively treat the patient. Third, prescribe herbal medication according to the patient’s constitution. Finally, minimize/alleviate pains and side effects from post cancer surgery.

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