Case 3: Pruritic skin disease

2019-03-22 11:22
Han's Acupuncture July 26, 2018

Female, 59 yrs old

Main Complaints:
Pruritic skin disease on inner arms for both sides --> Very itchy and hot like piercing pain.
Frozen shoulder for a month ago.

Treatment Period: May, 11 2017 - Aug, 2 2017

Treatment used:
30 acupuncture treatments with 4 package of herbal decoction( each package consists of 30 pouches for 10 days) We picked 1 point from small intestine, 1 point from bladder, 1 point from gall bladder, and 1 point from san-jiao meridian. We could see a difference on the skin right after 3 acupuncture treatments. As her itchiness and piercing pain were reducing, some parts of skin turned to brown. Now, she regained her normal skin condition and her skin looks smooth and clean.