Case 12: Herniated Disk

2019-04-03 11:20
Han's Acupuncture November 29, 2018

Female, 37 years old

Main complaint:
- Continuous back pain
- Spasm of the back muscles

Treatment period: From March 24, 2015 until Dec 17, 2016

Treatment used:
The patient had been suffering with a herniated disc in her back and neck for many years. She have had a treatment in Korea but the pain did not completely go away. A herniated disc caused not only severe pain, but also tingling and spasm in her hands and legs including her ankles. Both of her ankles were so tingled that she had to take pain-relief medications. She mentioned that the symptoms got worse when she was tired or cold. Herbal medicines were prescribed and she regularly had acupuncture treatments as well. The pain started to appear less frequently after a few treatments and by July, the feelings of tingling and spams were gone completely. In this case, acupuncture can improve blood flow to the spine and release natural pain-relieving hormones in the body which help reducing pain.