Case 11: Depression

2019-04-03 11:19
Han's Acupuncture November 15, 2018

Female, 54 years old

Main complaint:
- Depression
- Indigestion
- Constipation

Treatment period: From May 27th, 2016 until Oct 29th, 2016

Treatment used:
When this patient first came to our clinic, she struggled with depression that she often felt exhausted and could barely find the energy to do daily activities. She also described other depression related health problems, which are ingestion and constipation. She mentioned that these symptoms usually get worse when she is under stress or feels tired. Herbal medicines were prescribed for these problems and after taking the first package, she felt less bloated than usual. A second package of herbal medicine was then prescribed again as well as acupuncture treatment was applied at least two-three times in a month. By the end of her treatment, not only her feelings of bloated decreased, her level of depression also declined noticeably. With lower level of depression, she started to digest better leading to a better bowel movement with a better sleep quality. As similar to a patient stated in Case below, by using herbal medicine, we try to focus on the overall health status of patients and find the causes of the main health problem, rather than only focusing on one major health disease.